The Montessori method

Who has never heard of Montessori method? Nobody, I suppose. Yet, not everyone knows that creating a proper environment is extremely simple. A low shelf to tidy up all the toys of your toddler might be a good start. Then, replace your traditional crib with a new one without borders. Lastly, provide your baby with easy toys. It is sufficient to have a tissue you don’t use to create the bag of treasures, or a jar to fill with little pieces of coloured paper to create the calming jar. Also the wood accessories are easy to build. However, in this case, if you are not familiar with do-it-yourself works, you can find some of them on sale, usually on the web. One of them is the learning tower. Although many parents are always more prone to building one themselves, nowadays there are different types on sale at affordable prices you won’t want to miss!

The Montessori method is an educational method for children, that can also be applied to toddlers. The method takes its name from Maria Montessori, who founded it at the beginning of 20th century. 

There are a few pillars at the basis of it. The most important is the concept of freedom and the importance of preserving and eventually enhancing the freedom in terms of physical movement and the baby’s thinking. This means that very little interference is allowed on the part of the adult, who is indeed more a guide and a help to him, but only when necessary. In fact, the method aims to develop a sense of responsibility, so that children are encouraged to be independent, a natural prerogative at every age. Such premises lead to the creation of a child-friendly environment, in order for them to deal with tasks as if they were adults. As they feel a sense of satisfaction in simulating what mum and dad do, the Montessori method has developed some strategies and techniques so as to make it easier for them to reach high or far objects and, in general, to move in a more confident and secure way in an adult-size space. As a result, such a method is not just a theory, but more a way of bringing up babies. Moreover, it involves not only families and private life, but it is adopted by thousands of schools in more than 65 countries, nowadays.

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