The Grocery Basket

What are you looking for in the grocery store aisles? You walk in, dragging an empty basket that you will probably fill with some tolerance, compassion, or maybe some relief.

As you walk through the automatic doors, you turn right, looking for some seasonal peace, some homemade quietness, some traditional warmth.

But your senses are vulnerable, so you turn left to some discounted cans of transgression, getting tempted by a little bit of craziness on sale.

And your basket gets filled up as you walk down the aisles, taking off the shelves some long-lasting resentment, whilst picking out some ready to eat concerns, along with a bag of stillness, and a couple jars of tiredness.

Your basket looks like you now, and listening to all of you, you are going to choose yourself, once again…no matter what.


Pubblicato da Vanessa Bruno


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