I am Vanessa: translator, linguist and language specialist

I’m a professional translator.

I am the business owner of MAKE IT LANGUAGE and I work as a freelancer.

I am specialized in several fields.

My working languages are Italian, English (AmE/BrE), French, Spanish (Sp/MEX).

I am experienced in translation, MTPE services, proofreading, transcreation.

I am a linguistic consultant.

I am experienced in online language teaching.

I have taught Italian, English, French and Spanish to people from all over the world.

I have taught language learners of different ages and background.

I have provided language consulting to both private and businesses.

I am a multi-passionate writer and content creator.

As an amateur writer, I tackle multiple topics and experiment several writing techniques.

I write in English, French and Spanish and translate my own stuff myself.

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